Submit a Complaint

Preparing Your Complaint

Before you file your complaint with us, take a moment to make sure you have all of your important information. Please note: The system cannot save your complaint in progress, so you will need to complete the form in one sitting.

FSMDB accepts complaints by mail or by using the online form.

Download and fill up the form below:

Send completed complaint forms to:

     FSM Development Bank
     Office of the President/CEO
     PO Box M, Kolonia, Pohnpei
     Federated States of Micronesia 96941

     Electronic: Complete and submit the form below.

• reason(s) for your complaint including the details, actions, events, or allegations,
• case names,
• potential witnesses and their involvement,
• where the incident occurred,
• how the incident occurred, and
• any corrective actions already taken
• For Whistleblower complaints only – describe the personnel action(s) that occurred or failed to occur because of a protected disclosure.

If you elect to submit your complaint online and would also like to submit additional documentation to FSMDB, you may do so by mailing your printed online complaint along with the supporting documentation to FSMDB at the address provided.

What happens next after you file a complaint

Here’s what to expect:
Upon filing your complaint, we will review your complaint or question and any documents you submitted. If we need more information, we will get in touch within 60 days using your preferred contact method. We use these complaints to monitor trends and take action when appropriate.

If you provided your email address, you will receive a confirmation email once your complaint is successfully submitted. To speak with a staff that can assist you with filing a complaint, contact us at +691-320-2840 / 320-2624, Monday – Friday between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm Pohnpei time.

File a Complaint with the Office of the National Public Auditor

Please proceed with the link below:
FSM National Public Auditor | Complaint Form (


Investigations are independent evaluations of allegations related but not limited to possible: fraud, misuse of resource, abuse of power, conflict of interest, illegal activity, unethical behavior, non-compliance with internal policy, or State or National laws. As a component unit of the FSM National Government, FSMDB will utilize the Office of the National Public Auditor (ONPA) to conduct investigations as needed.

The Board, Audit Committee, Management or the Internal Auditor will request for investigation if there is a need. The full Board or the Audit Committee will approve any request for investigation to be conducted by the ONPA. A decision to refer a case to the ONPA for investigation shall be made free of conflict of interest.

In addition, the Internal Audit Division will adhere to all the provisions of the Board established: (1) Anti-Fraud Policy, (2) Conflict of Interest Policy, (3) Code of Ethics Policy, and the (4) Whistle-Blower Policy. These four policies share a common provision: Investigation Procedures, which states that:
“The Chair of the Board or their delegate will investigate all allegation on a timely basis. The investigation may include but is not limited to examining, copying and/or removing all or a portion of the contents of computers, computer files, desk, cabinets and other facilities of the organization without prior knowledge or consent of any individual who may use or have custody of such items or facilities when it is within the scope of the investigation.”