Photo courtesy of the FSM Visitors Bureau.

FSMDB Senior Management

Anna Mendiola
President & CEO
Fabian Nimea
Senior Vice President / Business Development Officer
Brandon Tara
Chief Financial Officer

FSMDB Administration

Lover Haimin
HR & Facilities Manager
Dorian Kiyoshi
Executive Secretary
Rendy Abraham
Credit Administrator
Velma Lorrin

FSMDB Loan Division

Augustine Loyola
Loan Analyst
Lenster Nick Donre
Loan Officer
Vicky T. Hartman
Loan Officer
Joyleen Charley
Loan Officer
Jon-Tyrone Celestine
Loan Officer
Marlynn Tom
Loan Security Officer
Sincerlynn Alten
Loan Security Clerk
Peterika White
Administrative Secretary

FSMDB Accounting Division

Charito Soriano
Carmihna Abraham
Zenica Yiftheg
Nicole Araceley
Kedise Villazon
Leilani Felix
Assistant Systems Administrator
Patrick Edwin
Systems Administrator
Adam Caldwell
IT Manager

FSMDB Legal Division

Nora E. Sigrah
Legal Counsel
Rohma Silbanuz
Legal Secretary

FSMDB Internal Audit Division

Greeno Ismael
Internal Auditor / CO
How Can We Help You?

Contact us at any of our FSMDB branches in Pohnpei-Headquarters, Kosrae, Chuuk or Yap, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions  you might have.

We make the best investment decisions to achieve the national vision of a vibrant private-sector led economy throughout the Federated States of Micronesia.

Anna Mendiola
President & CEO, FSM Development Bank