Repair/Construction works at the FSMDB building in Nantuelek, Kolonia

FSMDB requests quotations from prospective bidders or contractors for renovation work involving the following:

  1. Repair of drainage system on the 2nd floor Parking lot and 1st floor to working order.
  2. Repair of leak from roof or ceiling and walls at 1st floor restrooms & storage extension.
  3. Repair works as necessary for the restroom on the 1st floor and sewer pipes to working order.
  4. Improvement of lightings in the Lobby (1st Floor).
  5. Cleaning and Repainting of all the building exteriors.

The project site is located at Nantuelek Street, in Kolonia, Pohnpei.

Please see the PDF below for additional details.

thumbnail of REQUEST FOR QUOTATION (RFQ-20180611)